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Your Airbag or Supplemental Restraint System is there to protect you and your passengers in the event of a serious accident. AutoDiagnosis can find and rectify the fault to turn the light out and get it working again. 

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Mobile diagnostic and fault finding service

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For mobile diagnostic service in St Albans and surrounding area

no Call-out charge

- Engine no-starts and breakdowns
- Charging and battery faults
- Drivability or poor power problems
- Airbag, SRS faults
- ABS, ESP,TCS and ASR faults
- DPF, FAP regenerations & faults
- Catalytic Convertor faults

- EGR faults

Autodiagnosis specialises in providing a diagnostic service to the trade and public in St.Albans & surrounding area. 

ABS, ESP, TCS and ASR systems are there to keep your car under control in slippery and or dangerous conditions. AutoDiagnosis can find and rectify the fault to turn the light out and get it working again.

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Sometimes your car just does not run right, there might not even be a engine light on. The car might not even start !  This is when you need AutoDiagnosis to perform a diagnostics check on your car, to restore power, reliability and fuel economy. 

- Heating, Ventilation faults

- Fuel System repairs
- Engine overheating faults
- High exhaust emissions 
- Air Conditioning Faults
- Electrical fault finding
- Turbo diagnostics

- Diesel diagnostics

Catalytic Convertors, EGRs, DPFs and FAPs are just some of the components used to keep exhaust emissions within specification. Ensuring reliability, fuel economy and passing the MOT. AutoDiagnosis can find and rectify the fault to turn the light out and get them working again.

trade customers

Please call to discuss rates and terms. Credit accounts subject to approval.

  Our standard attendance fee is £68 inclusive for upto 1 hour of labour.

- This includes call-out to vehicle within St.Albans, Harpenden area

- This includes check for trouble (fault) codes if required

- This includes investigation / fault finding time if required

- This includes component testing if required

- This includes inspection and testing of wiring if required

- Use of oscilloscope, pressure transducers or amp probes if required

- This includes minor repairs to components or wiring if required

Sometimes due to the complexity and difficulty involved in this type of work more than 1 hour is required. Should this be the case you will be informed of the progress so far and the estimated cost to completion. Any extra labour is charged at £68 per hour in 1/4 hour increments.