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Advanced onboard computers known as engine control units (ECU), and powertrain control modules (PCM) have been part of the automotive scene for many decades.  While computers have made engines more efficient, they have made diagnostics more difficult and locating a problem more complex.

Sometimes your car just doesn’t run right, there might not even be a warning engine light on.  Sometimes the car won’t even start!  This is when you need autodiagnosis to perform a drivability diagnostics check on your car.

If your car has a “check engine light” or “malfunction indicator light” (MIL) on, then we can use professional level scan tools to see not only the code, but view some of the parameters that caused the code to set.  This gives us the basic information of what kind of problem we have, and what tests we need to do to diagnose exactly where the fault is.  Having an accurate diagnosis and replacing or repairing the correct components, gets your car fixed right the first time, and saves you money.

Even if your do not have a check engine light on, or fault code logged, there is still a lot we can do to determine where the problem is.  We start with “live data” that gives us readings from the various sensors the engine computer uses to control how the car should run.  Sometimes something is failing and just out of specification enough to make it run poorly without setting a check engine light or fault code.

If the live data is suspect, we can then carry out further tests using oscilloscopes, pressure and vacuum transducers, gas analysers, inductive amp clamps or diagnostic smoke machines. Which all help to provide more of the information we need to determine the exact cause of the problem.

So if your vehicle has any of the below symptoms.

Misfiring or low power


Hard Start

Long Cranking

Unusually High RPMs

Or you are having issues with a check engine light on in combination with a drivability issue call us now on 07597 656700 to book an appointment.

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